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Product Highlight: AJR Oil Log

Have you been utilizing more bags than normal due to trace oil in your system? Try an oil log to pull out the oil and extend the life of your bag. 

OIL LOG Size 2

•Made of: 100% Polypropylene fiber for maximum oil absorbing capacity

•Our construction: we pack a Spunbond jacket with over half a pound of shredded POMF fiberfill. 
Why? To easily absorb 5 times its weight in oil. 
How? The shredded fibers act like a magnet attracting oil to the log to absorb a maximum capacity.
Benefit? Still maintains a size that can easily fit in a size 2 filter bag.

The AJR oil log is available in two sizes: 
•OIL LOG Size 2


An oil log is guaranteed to pull more oil than a standard nominal bag can. Consider an AJR oil log today.

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