2STTop or Bottom Load

The AJR-PLEAT 2ST series of pleated bag dust filter elements are uniquely designed with a two-stud top cap design, adaptable for common industry 6” nominal diameter top or bottom dust load dust collector styles (with the addition of converter hardware by others.) Galvanized end caps and core complete the filter’s rugged construction, making the 2ST replacement filter an excellent choice for many legacy dust collector installations in industrial applications today.

Benefits of AJR-PLEAT pleated bags compared to traditional fabric bags

  • One piece filter (plus adapter hardware) cuts filter changing time in half – no separate bag cage to deal with
  • Filters are washable and reusable in most cases
  • Wide shallow pleats handle high dust loads
  • Surface loading media releases desired powdered product in process applications
  • Rugged and durable construction increases filter life for reduced maintenance requirements
  • Collection efficiencies 10 X or higher vs. a traditional polyester bag
  • Surface loading media operates at a lower pressure drop –saves energy
  • Lower pulse pressures required for cleaning
  • Materials of construction are tolerant of a wide range of process chemicals

Standard Constuction Features

  • 100% spun bond polyester filter media
  • Continuous operating temperature
    • 180 F with standard neoprene gasket
    • 265 F with optional felt gasket
  • Open pleat spacing; shallow pleats
  • Expanded metal galvanized core
  • Strong and secure woven polyester outer bands

Custom Construction Features

  • Choice of finished length and pleat count
  • Stainless steel core: rolled or perforated
  • Higher temperature construction to 265° F available
  • Grounded design
  • Riveted bands


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AJR Filtration has added string wound, melt blown, and carbon wrapped filter cartridges, formerly from Delta Pure Filtration to our product offering.  The expanded portfolio enhances AJR's position as a leading US manufacturer of high-quality engineered liquid and dust filtration products. All production and support operations continue under one roof in our West Chicago, IL filtration headquarters. Delta Pure part numbers will not change.  We look forward to serving your liquid filtration needs with more quality filter options, greater economies, and the convenience and simplicity of a single customer account. 

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