ARC-28Oil Absorbing Filter Cartridge

AJR Filtration ARC-28 Series polypropylene oil absorbent cartridge with core, formerly from Delta Pure Filtration, wicks and absorbs free oil from water and aqueous solutions. Its oil-absorbent filter medium holds up to 20 times its weight in oil. The absorbent cartridge is designed to be placed inside a 30 to 32 inch diameter oil absorbent bag filter in order to increase the system’s oil absorption capacity.

The ARC-28 cartridge maintains an open structure to allow an unobstructed fluid flow path, even as the filter medium swells as it absorbs oil. A rigid internal polypropylene core facilitates quick and easy insertion into and removal from the filter bag. Depending on the diameter of the bag, several ARC-28 can be used at one time. While one ARC-28 filter cartridge will typically be placed inside a 7 inch diameter bag, the number of cartridges used will be based on experience. 

The ARC-28 will float and can be placed in contaminated drums or vats to wick and absorb surface oil.

These cartridges help meet environmental standards for oily water discharge in drilling fields, such as, for flow back and produced water, industrial plants, automotive repair, aviation, marine, waste water, and storm water runoff applications. The cartridges are also used in cleaning equipment and cooling loops which require the removal of hydrocarbon-based oils from aqueous fluid streams. ARC-28 cartridges also provide pre-treatment to protect expensive membrane and trace-contaminant adsorbent systems.


  • Nominal Length: 28.25 inches (718 mm)
  • Nominal Diameter: 2.63 inches (67 mm)
  • Filter Medium: Melt blown polypropylene
  • Filter Core and Hardware: Polypropylene
  • Outer netting: Polyethylene

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