BOSA Absolute High Efficiency

BOSA Absolute High EfficiencyMicrofiber Filter Bags

  • Absolute (98%) micron ratings from 3 - 25 micron
  • Microfiber layers are thermally bonded and contain no adhesives, resin or silicone
  • Graded-layer configuration provides low initial pressure drop and maximum dirt holding capacity
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Excellent replacement bag for discontinued FSI styles

High Efficiency Microfiber Materials

Polypropylene microfiber materials provide high efficiencies at low micron ratings. The layer configuration of the BOSA bags includes proprietary nanowave media and a needlefelt outer cover. The multilayer configuration achieves a graded density structure increasing efficiency and providing longer life than standard POMF bags, due to BOSA's greater depth filtration. Precise particle retention allows use of BOSA bags in a wide variety of applications where absolute filtration is necessary. The polypropylene composition allows for the BOSA bags to absorb up to 15-20 times their weight in oil and last up to 18 times longer than traditional bags (depending on the application and particle distribution.) Recommended changeout is 10-15 lbs. differential pressure. Max differential pressure is 35PSIG.

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NEW! All welded DuoFlow filter bag

NEW at AJR Filtration: The DF all welded DuoFlow filter bag is now available with our POEX extended life media for improved performance providing up to 3x bag life. Available in Sizes 1 and 2, AJR’s DuoFlow is an economical replacement filter in vessels containing a DF style "R" closed type basket. These filters are designed with inner and outer filter media cylinders for long life, superior flow, and reduced hold-up volume.

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