RFC Series

RFC SeriesIRON Reduction Filter Cartridge

AJR Filtration RFC Series Radial Flow Cartridges, formerly from Delta Pure Filtration, offer excellent flow characteristics and come packed with a resin or carbon fill which targets molecular or elemental contaminants not removed by ordinary particulate filters. For example, coal bases activated carbon removes organic contaminants from plating baths, while coconut shell activated carbon removes chlorine and others contaminants to improve the taste and odor of water. KDF process media targets heavy metals, iron, H2S, and multiple other contaminants in drinking water.

AJR Filtration utilizes its in-house melt blown filter technology to create an outer polypropylene melt blown pre-filter layer to protect the adsorbent medium from plugging, and an inner melt blown final layer to contain the filter medium and prevent/reduce migration of fines downstream, constructed on a 1" nominal ID polypropylene core. The adsorbent medium is packed in between these two zones, and sealed on both sides with plastisol to form a DOE "double open end" filter. All RFC filters are individually shrink wrapped (ISW) for protection.


  • Potable water
  • Process water
  • Odor and taste removal
  • Food and beverage
  • Plating solutions
  • Aqueous chemicals, acids, bases
  • Contaminant removal
  • Chemical processing

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Savings on Aramid Dust Bags

AJR is pleased to announce significant price reductions on dust collector filter bags constructed from made in the USA 14 oz. singed aramid felt. Owing to aggressive sourcing efforts, we are able to pass along 20% to 30% price reductions on dust bag pricing, depending on the bag configuration and size.


AJR offers your choice of end treatments, ground wires or grounding tabs, with dust bag styles to fit most current and legacy dust collector models in operation.

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