Dust Bags & Cartridges




We manufacture high quality OEM replacement dust cartridges. We offer replacements for most common designs by every major manufacturer of cartridge style dust collectors.

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Dust Bags

Dust Bags

AJR Filtration manufactures replacement bags for most industry shaker and pulse jet style collectors used in the industry. We stock all industry standard medias, as well as, specialty medias for high temperature and chemical applications. Additionally, we carry all components necessary to manufacture shaker and pulse jet style bags.

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Pleated Bags

Pleated Bags

We manufacture replacement pleated filters for bag houses. Pleated filters will replace a standard dust bag, which increases filtration two to three times more than a standard bag. These pleated filters will fit into your existing bag house tube sheets.

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Custom Filters

Custom Filters

AJR Filtration's Engineering Department can custom design and fabricate any dust bag or cartridge to meet the customer's need, with a wide range of material and components. Call AJR Filtration at 630-377-8886 for more information on how our custom filters can fit your business needs.

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Replacements for Pall FSI Filter Products

Pall Corporation announced last week the discontinuation of all FSI filter products. As the nation’s leading independent manufacturer of quality filtration products, AJR Filtration and Delta Pure Filtration are uniquely positioned to fill this void in the market in many key product categories, below.

Product Family

Pall FSI Product

AJR / Delta Pure Replacement

Felt Filter Bags


Standard felt liquid filter bags; POG & PES


Double layer felt liquid bags, POG & PES


Standard felt liquid filter bag, NOMEX (common name=aramid)

Microfiber Filter Bags


High efficiency microfiber liquid filter bags

Seamless Bags



Mesh Filter Bags


Standard mesh liquid filter bags; NMO


Standard mesh liquid filter bags; PEMU


Standard mesh liquid filter bags; POMO



Melt-blown coreless; MB

Our experienced sales and customer service teams are available to help you select replacement filters with comparable performance standards.  AJR has extensive on-hand inventory of mesh, felt, and microfiber media to address the most challenging filtration applications. Backed by the industry’s fastest lead times and competitive pricing, make AJR your most trusted choice to help you with this transition. All filter bag products are manufactured at our new state-of-the-art manufacturing headquarters in West Chicago, IL. For more information, technical support, or samples, contact AJR at 630-377-8886.

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