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Extended Surface Pleat Liquid Bag Filter




  • Micron ratings from 1 to 100
  • Wide Chemical Compatibility 
  • Polypropylene and Polyester materials meet FDA regulations for food contact under CFR21, Section 177.1520
  • Silicone-free construction
  • Choice of Steel Ring of Plastic Flange 
  • Handles on all bags



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AJR DF Welded Filter Bag



  • For use on size #1 and #2 bag system
  • Greater Media Surface Area
  • Superior Life Advantage
  • Higher flow rates / lower differential pressure
  • Greater contaminant holding capacity
  • No tools needed for installation or removal
  • Fits into existing competitors baskets
  • Replaces competitors closed "R" style top
  • For standard bag housings
  • All welded construction
  • No loose fibers
  • Eliminates bypass of contaminates

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XOAM, Revolutionary Oil Absorbing Bag



  • Micron ratings from 0.5 to 150.0
  • 2 industry standard sizes
  • Choice of steel ring or plastic flange
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Excellent oil absorbing capabilities
  • Handles on all bags
  • Optional extended life feature
  • Efficiencies to 95.0%



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AJR SBF and FMC Filters



  • SBF filters for use in compact vessels
  • FMC filters for use on drum filling lines
  • High flow / low pressure drop media
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Constructed using monofilament mesh materials
  • Fully welded seam -no loose fibers
  • Uniform pore size
  • Double layer construction - structurally strong
  • Welded end cap design eliminates bypass



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AJR NMO Welded Filter



  • For use on size #3 and #4 bag systems
  • Wide Chemical Compatibility 
  • Constructed using monofilament Mesh materials
  • No loose fibers
  • Uniform pore size
  • Structurally strong
  • Fully welded side seam & endcaps
  • Eliminates bypass
  • No needle holes, thus increasing efficiencies by preventing by-pass
  • Elimination of threads further reduces possibility of fiber-shedding


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Polyester Phenolic Treatment (PEPT) Liquid Filter Bag



  • Micron ratings from 1 to 100
  • Broad chemical compatibility  
  • Handles on all bags
  • Choice of steel ring or plastic flange
  • Excellent removal of gel-like particles 
  • Disc bottom for ease of installation & fit in basket




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Available for immediate shipment – AJR-PLEAT pleated bags in top and bottom load industry-common styles, durably constructed with spun-bond polyester filter media and galvanized expanded metal cores. AJR-PLEAT filters from AJR Filtration ship from stock to fulfill your quick turnaround replacement filter needs with OEM quality. Contact us for more information about AJR’s ship-from-stock options and ask about our 10-day average lead times for most of our top and bottom load pleated bag styles, available with a wide variety of mounting styles, medias, pleat counts and finished lengths.

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